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1 Kingdom Alliance's mission is provide quality education for its members. All participation is on a private Kingdom-Ekklesia membership basis only. All content and benefits is intended for registered members only. The scope of membership with its benefits and privileges is limited to the offering included in the membership only. Membership does not offer, imply, or grant any rights, priviledges, benefits, liabilities, or endorse or entertain claims or the right to make claims about any matter outside the scope of the membership. Terms and conditions apply and will be binding upon participants or members in full. All rights reserved. Errors and omissions expected. Participation is at own risk. No contract, promise, guarantee, obligation, or liability is implied or accepted in any way by the mere existence of this website or associated online presence, communications, or content. A formal membership application is required to become a member with additional membership benefits. By joining, engaging with us, or proceeding in anyway, you acept that this is a ministry and as such a matter of religion, and you are therefore agreeing to be subject to the domain and authority of Heaven, Jesus’ Kingdom, God’s Sovereign Covenants, His Word – the Bible, and the ministry's terms and conditions in full. No public contract is offered, entered into, or agreed upon. Nor is any contract entered into, implied or agreement upon with any manmade institution of anykind. We operate on the basis of private religious Covenants under heaven's authority, and not on the basis of public contracts. Our religious Covenants includes but is not limited to rules of dispute resolution that stand on Jesus’ commands, and the principles and instructions of God’s Word, that are free and independent from all other parties and jurisdictions in every way. The interpretation of all words and their meaning, and our right to interpret our own words and meanings, is hereby retained in full. Such meanings and interpretations of our words shall remain within the context, jurisdiction, and religious observance of, and adherance to, God's Word alone - as received and understood by personal our relationship with the Holy Spirit alone, and by no other means. We do not agree to or accept the imposition of any party or contract or theory outside of our religious Covenants. The mission of the founder and this ministry is a purely religious matter dedicated to the realm of God Almighty and as such is not contracted to, liable to, or obligated to parties not party to this Covenant or relationship. In keeping to Jesus' instruction in Matthew 22:21, we shall, "to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s." This is part of our Terms and Conditions. If these, or any part thereof, is not acceptable to you in full, we do not agree to any form of contract, liability, or obligation with you in any way whatsoever, and wish you well and much success. If you do continue, you will be bound by the above and our Terms and Conditions in full.

1 Kingdom Alliance is a Private Religious Ekklesia of Jesus' Kingdom of Heaven, a ministry in service of the Kingdom of Heaven.
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